International Award for Young People

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for Young People Nigeria is helping young people to stand out from the crowd and find their place in the fast-changing world.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award partners with BALDOM International School, Abuja to offer students the opportunity to enhance learning both inside and outside the classroom. We believe that not all learning happens in the classroom.  The award is available to all young people between the ages of 14-24 years old.

By participating in the award as non-formal education alongside the academic, the programme gives students the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and develop soft skills such as leadership and relationships, teamwork and confidence, resilience and determination, managing feelings, creativity and adaptability, civic competence, planning and problem solving, intercultural competence, personal and social well-being, communication through a holistic education.

  • Participation in the award can earn participants high school credits!
  • The award is widely recognized by employers and schools; a great way to build experience, and your resume.
  • Being an award holder shows that a student has developed exactly the range of skills, behavior and attitude that is acceptable globally.

The award is earned in three progressive levels:

  • Bronze: For those 14 years or older (after participating for at least six months).          
  • Silver: For those 15 years and older (after participating for at least twelve months).
  • Gold: For those 16 years and older (after participating for at least eighteen months).

The award is achievable at any level by undertaking activities under 4 sections: Skills, Service, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey with an additional requirement: Residential Project at gold level.

Skills: The aim of this section is to encourage the participants to acquire and development of personal basic skills that would be useful for them such as coding, catering craft practices poultry keeping etc.

Student learning coding

Voluntary Service: The service section aims to encourage giving useful voluntary service to others and their communities. Examples include first aid, environmental sanitation, care for the physically challenged, elderly, sick or visit to orphanages etc.

Student cleaning the environment

Physical Recreation: Participation in physical recreation helps to improve physical, health, and fitness. Examples include table tennis, jogging, basketball, football, etc.


Adventurous Journey: All participants plan, train for and undertake an expedition or exploration journey with a purpose in an unfamiliar environment to help provide a sense of independence, self-sufficiency and discovery via team work and discipline.

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Wednesday 16th November,2022 was a remarkable day for the Award recipients in BALDOM International School.

Award leaders were celebrated for their diligence, perseverance, leadership skills, confidence, determination, teamwork and resilience towards completing the bronze level of the Award

Parents of the Awardees attended the event. Parents testified on the impact of the program.

” My son willingly takes up the responsibilities at home to do some house chores, remove the cobweb, sweep and mop the surroundings without willingly.” Mrs. Ibrahim said

she was amazed seeing these great changes in the life of her son and therefore encourages other students to take the challenge by participating in the International Award for young people.

                                   Parents of the Awardees

” My son is registering for the next level of the award which is silver. Mrs. Ibrahim one of the parents of the Awardees testified about how the programme has imparted her son positively.